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Persuasive Writing
    Have you ever written a letter to share your opinion? That's persuasive writing. Persuasive writing tries to make readers think or act in a certain way.


Write why you think people use persuasive writing.

Learning from Writers

    Read the following examples of persuasive writing. What does each writer want the reader to think or do? How does the writer try to make the reader agree with his or her point of view?

Plants in Danger

    Be careful next time you think of picking a pretty wildflower. It may be in danger of disappearing forever. That's the bad news from the World Conservation Union. The group spent 20 years coming up with a list of plants in trouble. The list names about 34,000 types of plants, trees, bushes, and flowers.

    The Union's report warns that one out of eight types of plants in the world may die out. In the United States, nearly one out of three plants is in danger of disappearing.

    Why is it so important to save plants? "Plants clothe us, feed us, and provide us with medicines," says David Brackett. He is with the World Conservation Union. Brackett warns that people must help keep plants safe. If we don't, some of nature's beauty can disappear forever.
             ---from TIME For Kids