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Grade 6
Unit 6: Making Decisions
Project File Teacher's Edition p. 488
Speak Out! School Uniforms  
Project File

Students will read an online article that discusses the pros and cons of mandating the use of school uniforms. They will take positions on the issue and write persuasive speeches. Next, students will pair up and present their speeches to partners who have taken the opposite position. Finally, partners will debate each other.

Uniforms Rule?,6418,50975,00.html

About the site

This article, from the online version of Time For Kids, reports on the recent decision of the Philadelphia School District to require a uniform dress code for all of its students. It explains several reasons that people are for or against the policy. Preview the News section before sharing the site with students, as it features current events articles that you may not want students to access.

What to do
  • Click Student Worksheet on the student page. Print and distribute copies of the worksheet to students.

  • Tell students that they will be writing persuasive speeches either supporting or opposing school uniforms. Remind them to support their opinions with reasons, both from the article and from their own brainstorming.

  • Have students follow the steps outlined on the Student Worksheet to read the online article, take notes, and write their speeches. You may wish to divide students so that half of the class writes supporting the policy and the other half writes opposing it.

  • Pair up students for the speech presentations. If possible, pair up students with opposing viewpoints.

  • After partners share their speeches, have them debate each other. Explain that they should not simply reiterate their own reasons, but rather try to refute their partnersí reasons.