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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Math Grade 3
Grade 3
Unit 1: Place Value and Money
Place Value and Money
e-Journal Party Planning
  Crossword Puzzle
Lesson 1: Counting and Number Patterns
Lesson 2: ExplorePlace Value
Lesson 3: Place Value Through Thousands
Lesson 4: Place Value Through Hundred Thousands
Lesson 5: Explore Money
Lesson 6: Count Money and Make Change
Lesson 7: Problem Solving: Skill: Using the Four-Step Process
Numbers and Money
e-Journal Design a Game
  Crossword Puzzle
Lesson 1: Compare Numbers and Money
Lesson 2: Order Numbers and Money
e-Journal Chapter 2 Writing For Math
Lesson 3: Estimate Quantities
Lesson 4: Round to Tens and to Hundreds
Lesson 5: Round to Thousands
Lesson 6: Problem Solving: Strategy Make a Table
e-Journal How Do You Count by 2, 5s, and 10s?