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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Math Grade 3
Grade 3
Unit 3: Subtraction
Subtraction Strategies
e-Journal Garden Club
  Crossword Puzzle
Lesson 1: Algebra: Relate Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 2: Problem Solving: Identify Extra Information
Lesson 3: Algebra: G37Subtraction Patterns
Lesson 4: Explore Regrouping in Subtraction
Lesson 5: Subtract Whole Numbers
Subtract Greater Numbers
e-Journal Trees
  Crossword Puzzle
Lesson 1: Regroup Across Zeros
Lesson 2: Estimate Differences
Lesson 3: Problem Solving Strategy: Write a Number Sentence
Lesson 4: Subtract Greater Numbers
e-Journal Chapter 6 Writing for Math
Lesson 5: Choose a Computation Method
e-Journal Which Items Can You Buy?