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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Math Grade 3
Grade 3
Unit 6: Multiplication Facts
Multiplication Facts and Strategies
e-Journal Balloon Races
  Crossword Puzzle
Lesson 1: Explore Square Numbers
Lesson 2: Multiply by 6 and 8
Lesson 3: Multiply by 7
Lesson 4: Algebra: Find the Missing Factor
Lesson 5: Problem Solving Skill: Solve Multistep Problems
Multiplication Patterns
e-Journal Trains and Railroads
  Crossword Puzzle
Lesson 1: Multiply by 9
Lesson 2: Multiply by 10
Lesson 3: Multiplication Table
Lesson 4: Algebra: Multiply 3 Numbers
e-Journal Chapter 12 Writing for Math
Lesson 5: Problem Solving Strategy: Draw a Picture
e-Journal What Are Factors and Products?