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, Book 1
Grade 3, Book 1  
Unit 3: Be Creative!
The Little Painter of Sabana Grande
by Patricia Maloney Markum

Internet Connection Activity
Mural Artists    Cultural Perspectives
Community Bridge
Connect to this link:

  1. Read the first two paragraphs.

  2. Look at the door that the child is touching. Is it real?

  3. Scroll down and look at the leaves. Are they real?

  4. In the second paragraph, click symbols.

  5. Look at the pictures and read what the symbols mean to people.

The Diego Rivera Mural Project
Connect to this link:

  1. Click English to enter the site.

  2. Click The Mural and then Mural Panels.

  3. Click the image of the mural.

  4. Click a section of the mural to view a close up.

  5. Continue to click the image for closer looks.

Internet Connection Activity
Panama    Find Out More
Dino's Panama Photos
Connect to this link:

  1. Click Photo Album #1.

  2. Click a picture for a larger image. Click the Back arrow when you're done.

  3. Click Back to Dino's Panama photos to return to the main page.

  4. Next go to Photo Album #12 and then Photo Album #15.

Flora of Panama
Connect to this link:

  1. Click on the names of flowers at the bottom of the page and read about them.

  2. Do they look like the flowers Fernando painted?

  3. Click Home. Then click Fauna.

  4. Click and read about the mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Internet Connection Activity
Rural Communities    Leveled Books
Cotacachi Region of Equador
Connect to this link:

  1. Find a picture of a home or farm. Click to enlarge.

  2. Click the Back arrow and look at other pictures of Ecuador.

  3. Then go to the top of the page and click people for more pictures.

Coffee Harvesting
Connect to this link:

  1. Click Pictures. Then click Picture Stories.

  2. Click Coffee Harvesting.

  3. Click each picture to move through the slide show.