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Grade 4  
Unit 1: Reflections
Amelia's Road
by Linda Jacobs Altman

Internet Connection Activity
California Farms    Cross Curricular
California Department of Food and Agriculture
Connect to this link:

  1. Click Kids Page.

  2. Then click Cool Facts.

  3. Read the facts about California crops.

Virtual Tour
Connect to this link:

  1. On the map, click a numbered region to see photographs of farming and details about crop production there.

  2. Read the caption that tells about the picture.

  3. Click a picture to enlarge it. Then click the Back arrow.

  4. Click Virtual Tour to return to the map.

  5. Study two more regions in the same way.

Internet Connection Activity
Migrant Workers    Find Out More
Weedpatch Camp
Connect to this link:

  1. Click on Weedpatch Camp. Read the information.

  2. At the bottom of the page, click on Life in the Camp and read the information.

  3. What do you and the people at Weedpatch Camp have in common? Compare life at the camp with your life in a Venn diagram.

Migrant Workers' Children
Connect to this link:

  1. Click Ezequiel. Read his story.

  2. Click the Back arrow.

  3. Click Cynthia and read her story.

  4. Do the two students agree?

Internet Connection Activity
Cowboys    Leveled Books
The National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center
Connect to this link:

  1. Click Virtual Tour and then Children's Cowboy Corral.

  2. Listen as your teacher explains what to do.

  3. Read the sections that your teacher assigns.

  4. Think about what it is like to be a cowboy and what you would say about a cowboy's life.