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Grade 5  
Unit 1: Time of My Life
The Wise Old Woman
by Yoshiko Uchida

Internet Connection Activity
Volcanoes    Cross Curricular
Connect to this link:

  1. Click Volcanoes in the yellow bar.

  2. Click Earth's Volcanoes and then North Asia.

  3. To get a closer look at the location of the volcanoes in Japan, click the Japanese islands on the map.

  4. Then click the name of a volcano to see a description and pictures of it.

Volcano Lovers
Connect to this link:

  1. Read the introductory page. Then scroll back up and click acquainted.

  2. Read about different kinds of volcanoes. Click highlighted words for further exploration.

  3. Click the Back arrow and then million years.

  4. Click other highlighted words to find out more about the science of volcanoes.

  5. Return to the main page and continue to explore the story of volcanoes.

Internet Connection Activity
Japan    Find Out More
Kids Web Japan
Connect to this link:

  1. Click History.

  2. Scroll to the questions at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click the first question to read its answer. Then click Q&A to return to the questions..

  4. Explore the rest of the questions in the same way.

  5. If time permits, investigate Sports, Schools, Daily Life, and Tradition and Culture.

Internet Connection Activity
Wise Sayings    Leveled Books
Common Proverbs
Connect to this link:

  1. Click 10 Proverbs from Our Database.

  2. Read the first proverb. What word correctly fills in the blank?

  3. Check your response by clicking Answer.

  4. Complete the 10 proverbs.

  5. To try 10 more proverbs, click Get another random selection.

What do you think Ben meant?
Connect to this link:

  1. Choose a saying whose meaning is clear to you. Click its letter.

  2. Click read what other people think. Do you agree with them?

  3. Click the Back arrow.

  4. Repeat the steps for other sayings..

  5. If your teacher permits, you can submit what you think a proverb means by clicking tell what you think.