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Grade 5  
Unit 2: Building Bridges
Digging Up the Past

Internet Connection Activity
Jamestown Settlement    Find Out More
Jamestown Fort: Rediscovered
Connect to this link:

  1. Click The Story and then Challenge to Colonize.

  2. Click Back arrow to read the remaining chapters.

  3. Return to the main page and click The People to learn about some important figures in the history of Jamestown.

  4. If you have time, go back and click The Things to view artifacts from Jamestown.

James Fort and Powhatan Village
Connect to this link:

  1. Click and read Fort Life.

  2. Click Back arrow and Powhatan Village. Then click and read Village Life.

  3. In what ways was daily life easier for Native Americans than for the settlers'?

Internet Connection Activity
Artists    Leveled Books
Connect to this link:

  1. As a class, split up into six groups. Your teacher will assign you one of the artists on this page. Click on his or her name to find out more about him or her.

  2. Take notes on what you read. To find out more about your artist, use the reference links provided at the bottom of the webpage.

  3. As a group, organize the information you have read into a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation and teach the rest of the class about your artist.

Smithsonian American Art Museum: Jesse Trevino
Connect to this link:

  1. Choose Search Collections. Search for the Mexican artist Jesse Trevino.

  2. Click the paintings to enlarge them so you can see them better.

  3. Look carefully at each of the paintings.

  4. Why do you think Jesse's style is called "photorealism"?