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Grade 6  
Unit 1: Pathways
The All-American Slurp
by Lensey Namioka

Internet Connection Activity
Chinese Art    Cross Curricular
Art of China Home Page
Connect to this link:

  1. Click images for larger images, facts, or additional links about Chinese antiques, crafts, paintings, and calligraphy.

  2. Be sure to examine examples of each type of art or craft.

  3. Remember to click the back arrow to return to the index page.

Chinese Calligraphy: Language as Art
Connect to this link:

  1. Scroll down until you see "Zhong + wen." What does this word mean?

  2. Click on Write Characters, beneath "Learn Chinese." Read about the stroke types and orders.

  3. Click on the symbol beneath "Stroke Types." What does this character mean?

  4. Practice writing the character using what you have learned about calligraphy.

Internet Connection Activity
China    Find Out More
The China Experience
Connect to this link:

  1. Read the features and the recipe on the first page.

  2. Then click The China Experience: China Culture Index for a long list of topics that you can explore.

  3. Explore a section that you choose or one that your teacher has assigned.

The Great Wall
Connect to this link:

  1. Read the information about China then click The Great Wall of China to learn about this structure.

  2. Click on Map of the Great Wall. What major city does the wall pass?

  3. Click on The First Emperor of China at the bottom of the page and read about Qin Shi Huangdi.

  4. Was Shi Huangdi a good ruler? List three reasons why he was and three reasons why he was not.

Internet Connection Activity
Customs    Leveled Books
Arabian Culture Guide
Connect to this link:

  1. Click on and read Conservative Behavior on the left.

  2. Explore the other entries.

  3. Make a list of Doís and Doníts in Arabian culture. Write five things you should do and five things you should not do in Arabian countries.

Ethnic Wedding Customs
Connect to this link:

  1. Read the introduction then click and read Tips and Advice on Ethnic Weddings.

  2. Go back and read the introductions to Filipino, Japanese, and Jewish weddings.

  3. Have you ever been to a wedding? If not, have you ever seen one on TV or in a movie? Think of customs of different American weddings. List three American wedding customs.