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Meet Sisir Mondal (pp. 438–439)

Step 1. Questions

Geologists study rocks to see how the rocks are alike and different. Some rocks contain metals, such as chromium and platinum. Classifying rocks helps Sisir Mondal and other geologists learn about Earth.

Write a report about how Sisir Mondal classifies rocks. Before you write, reread the article on pages 438–439 of your textbook. Conduct research to learn more about classifying rocks. Here are some questions to guide your research:
  • What is a rock?
  • What is a mineral?
  • How do igneous rocks form?
  • How do geologists classify rocks?
Are you ready? Begin by visiting the Web sites listed in Step 2. Look for answers to the questions above. Write down what you learn in the note-taking boxes.

With teacher supervision, you may use search engines to research other Web sites. You also can research rocks and minerals at the library. When you are ready, follow Steps 3 and 4 to write your report.

Step 2. Research

Research answers to the questions you were asked in Step 1. Visit these Web sites. Take notes about them on this page, too!

Toolbox Tip: Click here to learn how to move from one Web page to another.

Minerals, Rocks, and Gems
This Web site was created by The World Almanac for Kids. Learn the definitions of rocks and minerals. The Web site gives some examples of rocks and minerals. Read to learn how rocks form and what can be found inside them.
Take Notes:

This Planet Really Rocks!
This fun Web site is hosted by ThinkQuest. Click the arrow to pull down a menu of topics. Click WHAT IS A ROCK? and then the GO! button to begin. Then click NEXT to move from page to page. Read about the properties of rocks. Think about the rock samples that Sisir has collected. How might he classify the rocks?
Take Notes:

Rocks and Minerals
This Web site has a great deal of information about rocks. Begin by clicking GENERAL INFORMATION to read some facts about rocks. Then click IGNEOUS ROCKS to learn more about how these rocks form. You can click MINERALS, IDENTIFYING MINERALS, and PRECIOUS STONES to see how geologists might group different kinds of rocks.
Take Notes: