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Grade 4
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Chapter 8: Earth's Water
The Nature of Water:
This great site from Environment Canada is about the nature of snow and ice, sediment, rivers, permafrost, and other wet places! Check it out!
Why are oceans blue? You can find the answer to this question by visiting this site! You can also learn about ocean forests and the difference between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Oceans Alive!:
Learn about the oceans at this site!
Social Studies
Niagara Falls:
Have you ever wondered about Niagara Falls and why it is a famous body of water? Check out this site to learn about it!
Social Studies
New York Waterfalls:
Explore the breathtaking and beautiful waterfalls in New York State. This site has pictures and descriptions of several falls.
Social Studies
All Along a River:
Learn about how rivers are formed and other physical aspects of rivers, as well as case studies of the Singapore River and the Rhine.