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Grade 4
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Chapter 10: Properties of Matter
The Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience:
This is a useful web site for researching the properties of matter. If you don’t have a “Shockwave” plug-in on your computer, click on the “Shockwave” icon to download it.
Take a look into the states of matter, atoms, reactions, and other elements of chemistry at this site. Make sure to click Matter.
Your Weight on Other Worlds:
Find out what you would weigh if you were on other planets, moons and stars. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page to read a very detailed discussion of mass and weight. (NOTE: When you enter your weight, do not include units. Just enter the number of pounds.)
Worldwide Metric:
Instantly convert millimeters to inches, feet to meters, or liters to gallons at this site!
Taking America's Measure:
Find metrics in sports, the kitchen, and everyday life on this site from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Metric Conversions:
Put in a number and choose your conversion method. This calculator makes it easy to go from feet and miles to meters!