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Grade 5
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Chapter 7: Air, Water, and Energy
NOAA Photo Library: National Undersea Research Program (NURP) Album:
Dive into the deep with this photo album full of images of ocean life, sea floor formations, and scientific submersibles.
Hydro Power:
Can you really get electricity from water? Find out how here and learn where hydroelectricity is most common in our country.
BrainPop: What is Weather?:
Check out the movie on this site to learn about the atmosphere.
Antimatter: The Mirror of the Universe: Kid’s Corner:
Did you ever wonder about “anti-matter”? How does it relate to matter? Check out this site to learn more!
Social Studies
Ancient Egypt: Geography:
Few rivers have been so influential to human history as the Nile. Take a virtual journey along its banks and experience the riches of ancient Egyptian culture.