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Grade 5
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Chapter 9: Weather Patterns and Climate
Check out this site for information about different ecosystems such as tropical forests. Click on the link for Tropical Forest and go to Climate. You’ll find some interesting information about the climate in a tropical forest!
Antarctica: Journey to the Frozen Continent:
This amazing site has everything you ever wanted to know about glaciers, the global climate, living in Antarctica, animal life at the poles, and more!
Owlie Skywarn Homepage :
Follow along with Owlie of the National Weather Service as he points out the warning signs of every kind of storm. Find out how they form and how you should prepare for them.
WhyFiles: Tornadoes:
Tornadoes are a very dangerous type of natural disaster. Learn about how they form, how you can protect yourself from them, and how you can make a mini-tornado of your own.
Wind: The Invisible Force:
This site explains how wind develops and how it is measured. Also, you’ll find out about the biggest windstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes while you're visiting.