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Grade 6
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Chapter 8: How Earth Changes Over Time
Hall of Planet Earth:
What makes the Earth a livable planet? Check out this site to learn about our planet Earth!
Glaciers and the Glacial Ages:
Learn about glaciers and the age of glaciers at this site.
Who named the clouds?:
Find the answer to this question, along with pictures, facts, and more about all the different kinds of clouds in the sky.
Social Studies
The Hall of Science and Exploration: Sir Edmond Hillary:
Do you know who was the first to climb the tallest mountain in the world? Visit this site to find out!
Social Studies
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program:
“Plate tectonics” is the term for how the earth’s crust and inner parts move. Learn how the earth is structured and what happens on the surface when tectonic plates move.
Social Studies
California History: The Gold Rush: California Transformed:
Gold is an important metal in many ways. Its discovery was the reason for the Gold Rush in California! Check out this site to learn about this important even tin U.S. history.