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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Science Grade 6
Grade 6

Speed and Distance

Step 1. Questions

Before you know it, you will be learning how to drive a car. One of the most important lessons you will learn is to control your speed! You are already familiar with important traffic signs such as “Speed Limit – 35 MPH.” But what exactly does this mean?

In order to understand speed and distance you must first know what motion is. Everything and everybody has a position, or location. When this position changes in relation to the fixed objects around a person or thing it is called motion. In this research project you are going to discover the relationships between motion, speed, and distance. You can use the following questions to begin the research process:
  • How does motion relate to speed?
  • What is the relationship between speed and distance?
  • How do you calculate average speed?
  • What is velocity and acceleration?
By using the following Web sites you can answer these questions, as well as some of your own. When your research is complete, use the steps that follow to develop a written report presenting your findings.

Step 2. Research

Research answers for the questions you were asked in Step 1. Visit these Web sites. Take notes about them on this page, too!

Physics for Beginners
As the subtitle states, this site is an introduction to physics for the absolute beginner. You are going to begin with the basics, such as definitions for speed, velocity, and acceleration. From there you can go on to further topics of your choice. There is a very good section on “Units” that you won’t want to miss.
Take Notes:

This site teaches you about speed and distance using driving and rail travel as learning tools. If you click on “On the road” you will learn about speed limits and measuring speed. Select “Calculating Motion” to find definitions of speed, velocity, and acceleration; motion graphs; and formulas.
Take Notes:

Force and Motion – Speed: Introduction
Explore speed and distance at this interactive site where you are going to use what you learn to predict the winners in a snowmobile race. You will learn how to calculate speed and apply it to practical situations. For example, the next time you take a vacation you can predict how long the trip will take!
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