Social Studies
Web-Linked Activities
Engage young children and deepen their understanding of social studies by introducing them to activities using age-appropriate Web sites. These free Web-linked activities are designed to enrich grade 1 and 2 topics and themes in Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's Adventures in Time and Place.
Web-Linked Lesson Plans
View our free Web-linked lesson plans related to chapter themes in Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's social studies program, Adventures in Time and Place. These theme-based lessons provide guided explorations of compelling Web sites. Find lessons to match the content and themes of grades 3 and up, including plans correlated with special state editions.  
State Resources
Visit your state's Web site! We've collected state-related links that will help you learn more about past, present, and future events of your home state. Look for government information, news, statistics, tourist attractions, and much more.
Interactive Infographics
Find online activities that correspond to the content of the Infographic features found in Adventures in Time and Place national and state editions. Students apply facts from relevant Web sites to promote understanding and enrich learning.