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Adventures in Time and Place Grade 4 book Web-Linked Lesson Plans
Make a Paper Colonial Quilt
Connection to Adventures in Time and Place
  • Grade 4
  • Unit 3: The Northeast
  • Chapter 6: People and Heritage of the Northeast
  • Lesson 2: Paul Revere and the American Revolution
    Web Link Description
    The Colonial America Web site presents research by students at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Through their writings, drawings, and arts and crafts projects, the students delve into many aspects of colonial life.
    Student Objectives
  • to make a paper quilt showing colonial crafts
  • to compare colonial crafts with contemporary creations
    Before Online Activity
    Ask students to name some colonial crafts they have learned about or seen. If you are using Adventures in Time and Place, have students recall what they read about Paul Revere on pages 182 to 187. Tell students that Paul Revere was a craftsperson who made his living as a silversmith and an engraver.

    Have students work individually to complete the first part of the project. Then have them work as one large group.

    Online Activity
    Colonial America

    Distribute student project sheets. Students will make a paper quilt showing various colonial crafts. Help students navigate through the Web site to find and explore Craft Day and A Colonial Day. Then have students complete and discuss their chart entries on the project sheets, and create their quilt. You may also wish to have students explore the Colonial Crafts section of the Web site, which offers student reports on several crafts.
    Student Project Sheet
    Print the online student project sheet to create a blackline master. For best results, be sure that your browser's font size has been set to "12" and that your browser has been set to print in "portrait mode."
    Sharing the Project
    Distribute drawing paper cut in squares, along with crayons or markers. Have hole-puncher and colored yarn available. Encourage each student to draw a colorful picture on one paper square to show a colonial craft. Then have students punch holes in squares and stitch them together with yarn to create a paper quilt.
    Assessment Idea
    Ask students to explain how today's items on their "Crafts: 1776 and 1996" lists compare and contrast with the colonial craft items on the list.
    Home Connection
    Have students look for handmade items similar to those on their "Crafts: 1776 and 1996" lists. You may wish to have students bring craft items to class to share.