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Adventures in Time and Place Grade 3 book Web-Linked Lesson Plans
Make a Flyer about a Community
Connection to Adventures in Time and Place
  • Grade 3
  • Unit 1: Living in Communities
  • Chapter 1: Understanding Communitites
  • Lesson 2: Communities Across the United States
    Web Link Description
    This project is based on the official Web site for Montezuma County, Colorado, Welcome to Mesa Verde Country! which includes the rural town of Cortez. The Montezuma County Economic Development Council developed the site.
    Student Objectives
  • to learn facts about a community
  • to decide whether the community is rural, suburban, or urban
  • to make an illustrated flyer about the community
    Before Online Activity
    Discuss with students how urban, suburban, and rural communities differ. Which type of community do students live in? If you are using Adventures in Time and Place, have students refer to the descriptions of communities in Chapter 1, Lesson 2.

    Assign pairs to complete project sheets together. Then have students work individually to create and illustrate their flyers about Cortez.

    Online Activity
    Welcome to Mesa Verde Country!

    Distribute student project sheets. Read the directions aloud to students to guide them through the Web site. Give individual help when needed. You might have students discuss their impressions of Cortez, Colorado after they explore each of the four sections: Our Location, Area History, Farming and Ranching, and Housing. Advise students to think about their answers to questions 1 through 4 in order to determine how they will answer question 5.

    Distribute paper and drawing materials for student flyers.

    Student Project Sheet
    Print the online student project sheet to create a blackline master. For best results, be sure that your browser's font size has been set to "12" and that your browser has been set to print in "portrait mode."
    Sharing the Project
    Display completed flyers on a bulletin board titled "Communities Across the United States."
    Assessment Idea
    Ask students to explain why they decided that Cortez was rural, suburban, or urban.
    Home Connection
    Suggest that students ask older family members to imagine that they could move to any community they desired. What would they look for in a community that they were going to move to?