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Grade 4
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Unit 2: The Southeast
Chapter 3: Environment of the Southeast
Lesson 2: Warm Weather and Cash Crops
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The Growing Season

The Southeast has a warm climate for much of the year because it is closer to the than most other parts of the country. Heavy rainfall and rich soil also help southeastern farmers to grow a variety of crops. is the business of growing crops and raising animals. Some crops can be grown only in the Southeast because it has a long . A growing season is the number of days in a year when the is warm enough for crops to grow.

Working With the Climate

A is grown to be sold for money. Some of the cash crops grown in the Southeast are , peanuts, and rice. is used to grow crops in some parts of the Southeast because there isn't enough rainfall. Irrigation is the use of ditches of pipes to bring water to the fields. The warm climate of the Southeast brings many , or people on vacation. They enjoy the beaches, national parks, and a variety of sports.

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