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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Our Nation
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Our Nation

The Modern Era

Step 1. Questions

Research events from one year of the 20th Century. Here are some questions to help guide your research.
  • What wars took place during the 20th Century?
  • What conflicts arose or were resolved?
  • What issues affected people's lives?
To begin, visit the Internet sites in Step 2. You may also choose to visit a library, read your local newspaper, or interview an adult. Then follow Step 3 to write your report.

Step 2. Research

Research answers for the questions you were asked in Step 1. Visit these Web sites. Take notes about them on this page, too!

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20th: The Passing of a Century
Visit this site to learn about the century's events and trends, discoveries and milestones, and peoples and societies.

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The 20th Century
Check out this site to read stories and watch video clips of 20th century news and events. This site comes from the Associated Press.

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Great People of the 20th Century
Visit this site to read biographies of many leaders of the 20th Century.

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Search Engines
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