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Grade 6
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Unit 2: The Ancient World
Chapter 7: Ancient Rome
Social Studies
De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
This is a very lengthy and comprehensive account of the life of Theodora, wife of Justinian I. However lengthy, it includes details of her life that otherwise may be difficult to find.
Social Studies
History for Kids
This site offers a lot of information, as well as photos of artwork, on Ancient Rome. Since it is designed for kids it is very easy to follow and understand. Start your search by clicking to search the site, type in "Ancient Rome," or any other topic, and hit "Find!"
Social Studies
Time Lines: Rome
This detailed timeline of Rome covers the period from 800B.C. to 600A.D. Scroll down to 500A.D. to find information on Justinian and the Roman Empire (527A.D.)