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Chapter Three: Europeans Come to Michigan

Step 1. Questions

Soon after Columbusís ďdiscovery,Ē many countries sent explorers across the ocean to claim land and build colonies in North America. The French and English both played a large part in Michiganís history. The French came to the Great Lakes area in the 1500s and 1600s looking for riches and a Northwest Passage to Asia. In 1701, the French founded the settlement that became Detroit. How did the influence of the French and English shape the development of Michigan?

Research the influence of the French and English on Michiganís history. Here are some questions to guide your research.
  • Why did the French come to Michigan?
  • Why did the English come to Michigan?
  • What role did geography play in the transportation of French and English goods?
  • How did the French and Indian war affect Michigan?
  • What was the main goal of the English in North America? In Michigan?
  • How did the English victory in the French and Indian War affect Michigan?
To begin, visit the Internet sites listed in Step 2. You may also choose to visit a library, read an encyclopedia, or look at an atlas. Then follow Step 3 to write your report.

Step 2. Research

Research answers for the questions you were asked in Step 1. Visit these Web sites. Take notes about them on this page, too!

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First Explorers
Read about the first explorers who came to the New World from Europe.
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Visit this site to read a detailed timeline of Michiganís history.
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Different Peoples Meet
Visit this site to read about how the French and American Indians met in Michigan.
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Search Engines
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