The Big Idea Activity

How do people adapt to where they live?

Make a California Travel Advertisement

Travel advertisement

Create a television advertisement about a region of California. Work in small groups to explain the positive things that will make people want to come there. Make a colorful brochure or poster to help promote the region. California Standard 4.1  Students demonstrate an understanding of the physical and human geographic features that define places and regions in California.

Research RoadmapPrint the Research Roadmap. Use it to take notes and hand it in to your teacher when you make your presentation.


Need help finding a topic? Explore these ideas for research...California Destinations.

Case Study

Here's an example of a topic you could choose for Big Idea Activity: The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has many fun things for kids to do. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art does too. Kids can do projects at the Natural History Museum and take them home. These museums are interesting places that visitors to California might like to see. You might include one of the museums in your advertisement if you want to encourage people to visit California. Include the museum that you would most like to visit.

Fun FactsThe Natural History Museum sometimes has kids make art by printing potato carvings!


Take an online tour of the state capitol of California. Create a drawing of an important place at the capitol. Show it as part of your television advertisement about the state. Then take an online walk through the capitol park.

State Capitol of California

Capitol Park: A Walk Through Time


California: Land and People

Locating California

The map shows the area around San Francisco Bay. Figure out how to get from San Francisco to Oakland.

California’s Resources

Use an interactive Web site to find the watershed for your community. Watersheds are land areas that drain rain or snow to lakes, rivers, ground water, or other places that water collects. Water is one of the most important resources in any state. Everyone needs it!

California’s Climate

California has a Mediterranean climate. The state’s plants adapt to that climate. With California’s climate, there is a medium amount of rain in the winter. About six months of warm, dry summer weather follows. Look at the plants in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. All of the plants grow naturally in California.

One Land, Many People

Many kinds of people live in California. An African American named Colonel Allen Allensworth led other African American people by starting a California community for African Americans in 1908. The community is now a state historic park that you can visit.

Mountain Ranges of California

Mount Shasta is one of California’s largest volcanoes. It is located in the Cascade Range of mountains in northern California. Activity from the volcano formed Mount Shasta more than 100,000 years!

Geography of California

The Central Valley

Look at the map of California’s Central Valley. What are the three largest counties in the valley? Is the valley a large or a small region of California?

California’s Coast

The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum holds photographs, surfboards, and other cool items. It shows and tells about more than 100 years of surfing in Santa Cruz.

California’s Desert Regions

The strong Joshua tree grows in the desert. The Joshua Tree National Park takes its name from the tree. The park has many other great things to see.