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Why do empires rise and fall?

TV Interview

  California Standard 6.7  Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures during the development of Rome.

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The links below include teachers? guides and activities for various aspects of the study of ancient Rome and its people.

Links to many categories of information about Rome, plus links to dozens of maps of the Roman Empire

Web page with many links to teachers? resources

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Caesar Augustus

  California Standard 6.7.4  Discuss the influence of Julius Caesar and Augustus in Rome's transition from republic to empire.

Roman Ruins

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Biography of Caesar Augustus

The Pax Romana and government under Caesar Augustus

Empress Theodora

  California Standard 6.7.7  Describe the circumstances that led to the spread of Christianity in Europe and other Roman territories.

Empress Theodora /></p>
		<h3>Teaching Tips</h3>
			Read some of what Procopius had to say about Theodora to the class. Discuss the reliability of first person accounts and possible bias.
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			<a href=More information about Empress Theodora