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  Web-Linked Activities
Web-linked lesson plans for activities at every grade connect the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health & Wellness program with real-life themes and applications on the Web. They include teacher instructions, student worksheets, teacher answer keys, and additional Web links!
  State Resources
Visit your state's Web site and download material for you and your students. Keep current with state and national government agencies.
  Resources for Health Educators
Here is a list of Web sites that provide a wealth of information on health topics.
  About the Authors
Meet our nationally known author team.
Help students develop their reading skills while learning important concepts in Health using these developmentally appropriate stories.
Visit these Web sites to learn about our existing partnerships.
Food Pyramids
The United States Department of Agriculture features Food Guide Pyramids from other cultures and ethnicities in their Food and Nutrition Information Center. Find out which foods appear in the Asian and Mediterranean Diet Pyramids.
  Professional Development
Health Background and Professional Development articles empower you to take charge of your professional development in Health education.
  Obtaining Grants
Visit these Web sites to obtain information about available grants for health education.
  Health & Wellness Research Documentation
Health Activities Glossary
Careers in Health CyberSmart