Web-Linked Activities
Activity: Complete the Picture

Connection to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health & Wellness

  • Grade 1
  • Chapter 6: Safety and Injury Protection

Web Link Description
Children will enjoy learning bus safety rules from the animated, interactive school bus at NHTSA's Safety City Bus Safety, a special children's section of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Web site. The site also offers online coloring activities, a safety quiz, lesson plans, and more! Invite children to learn about safety as they explore the school bus.

Student Objectives
  • to explore school bus safety
  • to identify safety rules for passengers and pedestrians
  • to learn bus behavior rules
  • to complete a picture illustrating a school bus safety rule

Before Online Activity
Ask children if they have ever ridden on a school bus. Have they heard about bus safety rules? Ask volunteers to talk about some safety rules and to explain why they are important. Remind children that there are safety rules for both the people riding on the bus and for those who are getting off it. If you are using Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health & Wellness, refer to the sections on safety on the road and safety outdoors. Then invite children to visit NHTSA's Safety City Bus Safety, where they will learn rules for bus safety.

Have markers or crayons available for children to use in completing this activity.

Online Activity
NHTSA's Safety City Bus Safety
Distribute student activity sheets and help children navigate the Web site if necessary. Encourage children to move the cursor around the picture, watching for things that change when the cursor points to them. There are nine such objects in all. Then have children click each of these objects and read the safety tip that appears at the top of the page. Be sure to have children click Before and After to read the safety rules for getting to the bus stop, getting on the bus, riding the bus, and getting off the bus. The activity sheet has a picture of a school bus without a driver or children.

To complete the picture on the activity sheet, children need to illustrate a behavior that is safe or unsafe. For an unsafe behavior, have them draw a red "no" symbol on their picture (). Explain that this symbol is used around the world and means, "Do not do this."

Student Activity Sheet
Print the online student activity sheet to create a blackline master.

Sharing the Activity
Collect children's pictures and use them to create a bulletin board display.

Assessment Idea
Have children look at the pictures and explain the safety rules that each picture illustrates. Then ask children to state any safety rules that are missing from the display.

Home School Connections
Print the online family activity sheet to create a blackline master. For best results, be sure that your browser's font size has been set to "12" and that your browser has been set to print in "portrait mode."