Web-Linked Activities
Activity: Draw a Diagram

Connection to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health & Wellness

  • Grade 6
  • Chapter 3: Growth and Development

Web Link Description
Have students learn more about the digestive system by exploring Human Anatomy On-line, an extensive Web site featuring interactive diagrams of the body's major systems. As students move the cursor around a diagram, they can access labels, comprehensive information, and close-up views of organs and structures in the body.

Student Objectives
  • to understand the process of digestion
  • to learn about the different parts of the digestive system
  • to draw a diagram of the digestive system
Before Online Activity
Ask students if they can explain how the food they eat is transformed into energy and nourishment for their bodies. Can they name some of the organs involved in this amazing feat? If you are using Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health & Wellness, have students review the digestive system. Then explain that they will visit a Web site where they can obtain detailed information about digestion and the organs and structures that are involved in this process.

Arrange students into groups of two or three. Have a large roll of craft paper and markers or crayons available for each group to use in completing this activity.

Online Activity
Human Anatomy On-Line
Distribute student activity sheets and help students navigate the Web site if necessary. As students explore the interactive diagrams at the Web site, have them complete the matching activity on the activity sheet. Be sure to tell students that the Web site uses scientific names for some of the organs and structures of the digestive system, but if they click around, they can find the more familiar names.

When groups have completed the matching activity, distribute art supplies and have each group create a life-size diagram of the digestive system. Remind students that their group should be prepared to explain their diagram to the class.

Student Activity Sheet
Print the online student activity sheet to create a blackline master.

Sharing the Activity
Ask each group of students to present a "guided tour" of their diagram, pointing out each part of the digestive system and explaining its function.

Assessment Idea
Display students' diagrams on bulletin boards or classroom walls. Point to an organ or structure on one of the displays and have volunteers explain its role in digestion.

Home School Connections
Print the online family activity sheet to create a blackline master. For best results, be sure that your browser's font size has been set to "12" and that your browser has been set to print in "portrait mode."