Web-Linked Activities
Activity: Make a Greeting Card

Connection to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health & Wellness

  • Grade K
  • Chapter 2: Family and Social Health

Web Link Description
Help children understand the importance of family bonds by reading aloud the clever verses in Mommy and Me, an online storybook written by Robert Alan. This storybook is located at the People for Peace Web site, which offers a collection of online storybooks, accompanied by charming illustrations, on topics such as caring and getting along with others. It also contains activities and projects for children.

Student Objectives
  • to create a greeting card expressing love for one's family
  • to explore ways that family members are important to each other
  • to learn how families are alike and how they are different
  • to understand the basic concept of the family

Before Online Activity
Explain to children that a family is a group of people who are related and who love and take care of one another. Ask children to name some of the members of a family. Answers may include parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, stepparents, stepsiblings, and guardians. Be sure to mention that families come in different sizes and that they may or may not have all of these members. Ask children to think about the members of their own families and to talk about some of the ways that these people are special to them.

If you are using Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health & Wellness, refer to the section on families. Tell children that you will read them a story in which they will meet some animal characters and hear about their special relationships with their mothers.

Have drawing paper and markers or crayons available for children to use in completing this activity.

Online Activity
Mommy and Me

Distribute student activity sheets and help children navigate the Web site. Show them how to click Turn the Page to follow along as you read the story aloud. As you read Mommy and Me, encourage children to look at the pictures and to ask questions. When the story is finished, have children look at the pictures on the worksheet and color those that show family members helping each other or having fun together.

Next, distribute drawing paper and show children how they can make a greeting card by folding the paper in half. On the front of the card, have children draw a picture of their family doing something together. On the inside of the card, help children write a simple message, such as "I love you!" Children can take their cards home for their families to enjoy.

If you have time, you may want to read other stories at the Web site. To do so, click Kids Care Story Center.

Student Activity Sheet
Print the online student activity sheet to create a blackline master.

Sharing the Activity
Invite children to share the picture they have drawn of their families with the class. Have them name their family members. You may want to help them print the names of the people in their drawings. Invite children to describe something special they enjoy doing with their families.

Assessment Idea
Ask children to describe their families. Are they all the same size? Do all families have the same members? Explain that while all families are different from each other in some ways, they are alike in other ways. Encourage children to name ways that all families are alike.

Home School Connections
Print the online family activity sheet to create a blackline master. For best results, be sure that your browser's font size has been set to "12" and that your browser has been set to print in "portrait mode."