McGraw-Hill Mathematics
McGraw-Hill Mathematics Grade 4 book
Grade 4
 Cool Math Links for McGraw-Hill Mathematics

Here is a list of math Web sites you can use to get help, learn cool facts, practice your skills, and do fun projects.

Activities and Projects

A+ Math
Make your own flashcards and get help with your math homework.

Plane Math
Take a trip! The Activities for Students section contains activities related to air travel. Good for middle-grade students.
Solve word problems based on many popular student fairy tales and stories.

Welcome to
Fun and creative activities for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

Games and Puzzles
Play The Magic Square game. Use flash cards. Look through math biographies and a math glossary. Study a multiplication table.

Brain Binders
Build your spatial and logical reasoning using these links to fascinating puzzles.

Clever Games for Clever People
Challenge yourself with these activities and games involving numerical, spatial, and logical reasoning.
A "funhouse" of math activities and links to many other math sites.

Education 4 Kids
Provides games and problems for younger children to solve.
Simple interactive math games under Numbers.

Help and Information

The Math Forum/Student Center
This site provides help with math problems, many activities, and links to many math-related sites.

My Schoolhouse Interactive Learning
Math and reading lessons, with automatic online correction, allow you to set your own pace.