McGraw-Hill Mathematics
McGraw-Hill Mathematics Grade K book
Grade K
Online Activities for McGraw-Hill Mathematics

Sharpen your math skills and vocabulary with our exciting online math games and crossword puzzles.

Chapter 0
Concentration Circle, Square, Triangle
Drag 'N' Drop Before and After
Chapter 1
Concentration Same and Different
Drag 'N' Drop Top, Middle, Bottom, Inside, Outside
Chapter 2
Concentration More, Fewer, Sort, Same Number
Drag 'N' Drop What Belongs
Chapter 3
Concentration Real graph, Picture graph, Bar graph
Drag 'N' Drop More and Fewer
Chapter 4
Concentration Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, Circles
Drag 'N' Drop Pattern, Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle
Chapter 5
Concentration Numbers to 5
Drag 'N' Drop More Numbers to 5
Chapter 6
Concentration Numbers to 10
Drag 'N' Drop Matching Order
Chapter 7
Concentration Before, After, Between
Drag 'N' Drop Skip Counting Pattern
Chapter 8
Concentration Numbers to 100
Drag 'N' Drop Tens, Ones, Twenty, Twenty-five...
Chapter 9
Concentration Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter
Drag 'N' Drop Coins
Chapter 10
Concentration Match Opposites
Drag 'N' Drop Shorter, Longer
Chapter 11
Concentration Digital and Analog Clocks
Drag 'N' Drop Clock Times
Chapter 12
Concentration Add, Plus, Equals
Drag 'N' Drop Addition
Chapter 13
Concentration Subtract, Minus, Equals, Difference
Drag 'N' Drop Subtraction
Chapter 14
Concentration Figures
Drag 'N' Drop Sphere, Cone, Cube, Cylinder...