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Numbers to 1,000

Lesson 1 - Hundreds

I will write numbers as hundreds, tens, and ones.

Lesson 2 - Hundreds, Tens, and Ones

I will use hundreds, tens, and ones to show numbers.

Lesson 3 - Problem Solving Strategy: Make a List

I will make a list to solve problems.

Lesson 4 - Place Value to 1,000

I will use expanded form to write numbers up to 1,000.

Lesson 5 - Read and Write Numbers to 1,000

I will read and write numbers to 1,000.

Lesson 6 - Problem Solving Investigation

I will choose a strategy to solve a problem.

Lesson 7 - Compare Numbers

I will compare numbers using words and symbols.

Lesson 8 - Order Numbers

I will use place value to put numbers in order.

Lesson 9 - Number Patterns

I will find number patterns.

Study Guide and Review  

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