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Lesson 1 - Parts of a Whole

I will identify, write, and read fractions for parts of a whole.

Lesson 2 - Parts of a Set

I will identify, read, write, and model fractions for parts of a set.

Lesson 3 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Draw a Picture

I will solve problems by drawing a picture.

Lesson 4 - Equivalent Fractions

I will find equivalent fractions.

Lesson 5 - Simplest Form

I will write a fraction in simplest form.

Lesson 6 - Problem-Solving Investigation: Choose a Strategy

I will choose the best strategy to solve a problem.

Lesson 7 - Compare and Order Fractions

I will compare and order simple fractions.

Lesson 8 - Mixed Numbers

I will write mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Lesson 9 - Add and Subtract Fractions

I will add and subtract fractions.

Study Guide and Review  

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