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Number Sense, Algebra, and Functions

Lesson 1 - Prime Factors

I will find the prime factorization of a composite number.

Lesson 2 - Powers and Exponents

I will use powers and exponents in expressions.

Lesson 3 - Order of Operations

I will find the value of expressions using the order of operations.

Lesson 4 - Problem-Solving Investigation: Use the Four-Step Plan

I will use the four-step plan to solve a problem.

Lesson 5 - Algebra: Variables and Expressions

I will evaluate algebraic expressions.

Lesson 6 - Algebra: Functions

I will complete function tables and find function rules.

Lesson 7 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Guess and Check

I will solve problems by using the guess and check strategy.

Lesson 8 - Algebra: Equations

I will solve equations by using mental math and the guess and check strategy.

Lesson 9 - Algebra: Area Formulas

I will find the areas of rectangles and squares.

Lesson 10 - Algebra: The Distributive Property

I will use the Distributive Property in equations and expressions.

Study Guide and Review  

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