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Fractions and Decimals

Lesson 1 - Greatest Common Factor

I will find the greatest common factor of two or more numbers.

Lesson 2 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Make an Organized List

I will solve problems by making an organized list.

Lesson 3 - Simplifying Fractions

I will express fractions in simplest form.

Lesson 4 - Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

I will write mixed numbers as improper fractions and vice versa.

Lesson 5 - Least Common Multiple

I will find the least common multiple of two or more numbers.

Lesson 6 - Problem-Solving Investigation: Choose the Best Strategy

I will choose the best strategy to solve a problem.

Lesson 7 - Comparing Fractions

I will compare fractions.

Lesson 8 - Writing Decimals as Fractions

I will write decimals as fractions or mixed numbers in simplest form.

Lesson 9 - Writing Fractions as Decimals

I will write fractions as decimals.

Lesson 10 - Algebra: Ordered Pairs and Functions

I will use ordered pairs to locate points and organize data.

Study Guide and Review  

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