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Ratio, Proportion, Algebra, and Functions

Lesson 1 - Ratios and Rates

I will express ratios and rates in fraction form.

Lesson 2 - Problem-Solving Strategy: Look for a Pattern

I will solve problems by looking for a pattern.

Lesson 3 - Ratio Tables

I will use ratio tables to represent and solve problems involving equivalent ratios.

Lesson 4 - Equivalent Ratios

I will determine if two quantities are equivalent.

Lesson 5 - Problem-Solving Investigation: Choose the Best Strategy

I will choose the best strategy to solve a problem.

Lesson 6 - Algebra: Ratios and Equations

I will solve equations using equivalent fractions.

Lesson 7 - Algebra: Sequences and Expressions

I will extend and describe arithmetic sequences using algebraic expressions.

Lesson 8 - Algebra: Equations and Graphs

I will write an equation to describe a linear situation.

Study Guide and Review  

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