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Additional Instructional Resources
Playing the Recorder
These soprano recorder blackline masters are correlated to Share the Music. Lessons include fingering charts, practice patterns for new pitches, songs, harmony parts, ostinatos, and opportunities for student creativity.

NEW FOR 2000: Grade 3 Recorder and Share the Music Interactive Recorder
Teacher's Resource Masters
These reproducibles reinforce or review lesson concepts and also include listening maps, written unit assessments, scripts for musicals, and portfolio and self-assessment forms.
For primary and intermediate grades, these two books of illustrated blackline masters present diagrams and signing instructions for a variety of songs in every grade.
Musica para todad Música para todos
This two-volume program provides selections of Hispanic and English songs from Share the Music along with translations, teaching suggestions, blackline masters, and a musical script. All songs and pronunciation guides by native speakers are recorded on CDs. A special one-time feature, the Teacher Talk section, helps teachers address the needs of bilingual classes.
Orchestrations for Orff Instruments
Supplementary orchestrations written by Orff master teachers for grades 3-8.

NEW FOR 2000: Grade 1 and 2 Orchestrations for Orff Instruments
Playing the Guitar
This book of blackline masters offers easy-to-follow lesson plans and useful background information for a sequenced introduction to guitar in grade 6. Standard tuning, as well as major and minor tunings, are included in the lessons.
Musical Instruments
Use these pictures of instruments provided in blackline-master format to support instruction and to enhance bulletin-board displays.
Songs to Sing and Read
This book contains 100 folk songs to supplement the broad range of materials in the program. It is compatible with the Kodály approach to music education. The songs may be sung for enjoyment, used to teach or reinforce concepts, and used to practice sight-reading.
Share World Music:
Songs from Asia and Oceania

Share World Music, containing 30 reproducible songs with accompanying visual aids and lesson plans, offers an enjoyable and accessible introduction to music from Asia and Oceania. Reproducible visual aids highlight key vocabulary words and present the song text in an attractive illustrated format. The accompanying set of 2 compact discs contains song recordings, pronunciation guides, listening selections, recorded teaching phrases in four languages, and a "Sound Tour" featuring instruments from Asia and Oceania.
Scope and Sequence
Throughout Share the Music, careful sequencing promotes successful music learning. Lesson-to-lesson and unit-to-unit, students enjoy enriching musical experiences that lead them through carefully planned sequence stages. The 1996 Scope and Sequence, Grades K-8, provides a quick reference to when concepts are introduced and when they are tested.

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Listening Maps
These Listening Maps guide children in analyzing music. They are provided in all grade levels on pupil pages, in Teacher's Editions, in Teacher's Resource Masters, and on overhead transparencies.
Transparency Example: Sabre Dance
Master Index K-6, 6-8
These provide access to music, art, literature, themes, and activities in the Share the Music series. You will be able to locate materials to suit your needs.