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Grade 3
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Living Things
Topic 1: Hand Talk SIGN
Topic 2: Chasing Butterflies FLUTTER
Topic 3: Why So Many Eggs? SURVIVE!
Topic 4: Staying Alive ADAPT
Topic 5: Plant Harm and Charm PROTECTION
Topic 6: Cheers for Cellulose CELLULOSE
Lift It, Push It, Pull It
Topic 1: Are We There Yet? LOST
Topic 2: Show Your Muscles! MUSCLES
Topic 3: Dancing on Rocks CLIMBERS
Topic 4: Earth at Work QUAKES
Topic 5: A Music Machine KEYS
Topic 6: Simple Machines on a Playground RAMP
Matter and Energy
Topic 1: Mass Measurement MEASUREMENT
Topic 2: Making Changes CHANGES
Topic 3: ELEMENT-ary List PERIODIC
Topic 4: Cool It! COOL!
Topic 5: Waves of Energy BOUNCE
Topic 6: Saving Electricity SAVE!
The Sun and Its Family
Topic 1: Star Time STARS
Topic 2: Moon Time CALENDAR
Topic 3: Explaining Eclipses ECLIPSE
Topic 4: Sun Power SOLAR
Topic 5: Eyes on Mars ONMARS
Topic 6: Comet Come-Back HALLEY
Rocks and Resources
Topic 1: Stone Symbols STATUES
Topic 2: Erasing Erosion WEAROFF
Topic 3: Predicting Hurricanes STORMY
Topic 4: George Washington Carver: The Farmers' Friend CARVER
Topic 5: Positively Plastic MADE
Topic 6: Pollution at Paint Creek CREEK
Where Living Things Live
Topic 1: Homes on Land and Sea SETTINGS
Topic 2: Foods Around the World BASIC
Topic 3: People Who Need People WORKERS
Topic 4: Enough to Go Around COMPETE
Topic 5: Leapin' Lizards! LIZARDS
Topic 6: Too Many Rabbits! BUNNY
Human Body: Keeping Healthy
Topic 1: Good Sun, Bad Sun SUNSMART
Topic 2: Smog Alert! SMOG
Topic 3: Way-Out Food! SPACEFOOD
Topic 4: A Trapdoor in Your Throat? EPIGLOTTIS