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Grade 4
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Classifying Living Things
Topic 1: Spare Parts for the Human Body SPARE
Topic 2: Larger than Life UPCLOSE
Topic 3: Helping One Another HELP
Topic 4: Helping Endangered Species ATRISK
Topic 5: Saved by the Sun SUNNY
Matter on the Move
Topic 1: Mountains of Matter TRASH
Topic 2: Who Set the Standards? DIMENSIONS
Topic 3: A Chemist Who MATTER-ed CHEMIST
Topic 4: Everything Changes SHIFT
Topic 5: Fight a Fever? FEVER
Topic 6: There's No Tool Like an Old Tool! ARCHIMEDES
Learning About Earth's History
Topic 1: Marvelous Minerals MINERALS
Topic 2: What Good Are Fossils? BONES
Topic 3: The Work of Wind and Water WEATHERING
Topic 4: The Ever-Changing Planet LAVA
Topic 5: What's Inside the Moon? LUNAR
Topic 1: Once in the Wild DOMESTIC
Topic 2: Control Without Chemicals PESTS
Topic 3: Helping Endangered Animals INDANGER
Topic 4: Help Wanted: Animal Doctor VETS
Topic 5: The Science of Breeding BREEDING
Topic 6: Dancing Bees BEES
Electricity and Magnetism
Topic 1: A Shocking Story FRANKLIN
Topic 2: Making Light of Electricity FILAMENT
Topic 3: Critical Circuits MAZE
Topic 4: Flips, Slides, and Turns FLIPS
Topic 5: "Current" Jobs WIRING
Topic 6: A POWER-ful Sun! DAYSTAR
Earth's Water
Topic 1: Water from Space? MOONICE
Topic 2: Let It Rain! POUR!
Topic 3: Tidal Power TIDES
Topic 4: Flood! FLOOD!
Topic 5: Surviving on the Savannas SAVANNA
Human Body: A Body in Motion
Topic 1: (Don't) Gimme a Break! BREAK
Topic 2: Be a P.T. THERAPY
Topic 3: Analyzing Ads ADS
Topic 4: Helping Kids Say No! NO