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Grade 5
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Topic 1: Analyzing Algae ALGAE
Topic 2: Plant Power: Medicines MEDICINE
Topic 3: Air to Breathe OXYGEN
Topic 4: Animal Life Cycles CHANGING
Topic 5: A Wildflower Crusade WILDFLOWER
Topic 6: Timing Trees TIMING
Topic 7: Cut Trees, Save Forests? FORESTS
Weather and Climate
Topic 1: What's Up? SKY
Topic 2: Comparing Quantities HUMIDITY
Topic 3: Flood: Good News or Bad? OVERFLOW
Topic 4: In Tune with the Monsoon MONSOON
Topic 5: Weather Watch: Then and Now WATCH
Topic 6: Storm Tracking TRACKING
Topic 7: A Warmer World? WARM
The Energy of Sound and Light
Topic 1: The Zing of Strings STRINGS
Topic 2: Hit That Note! VOICES
Topic 3: The Sounds of Earthquakes SEISMIC
Topic 4: Bulbs: The Bright Idea! BRIGHT
Topic 5: Cameras—Say "Cheese!" CHEESE
Topic 6: That COLOR-ful TV! TV
Topic 7: A SPARK-ling Discovery SPARK
Topic 1: Fish: Sink or Swim SWIM
Topic 2: It's ELEMENT-ary! ELEMENTS
Topic 3: Animals: Icy Survival COLD
Topic 4: Got Milk? Got Butter? DAIRY
Topic 5: Checking Acids and Bases PROPERTY
Topic 6: Cameras and Chemicals DARKROOM
Earth and Its Resources
Topic 1: Searching for E.T. CALLBACK
Topic 2: Waves of Erosion WEATHERING
Topic 3: Monuments to Minerals MINES
Topic 4: What If There Were No Electricity? ALTERNATES
Topic 5: Planetary Weather CLIMATES
Topic 6: Water Works! WATERWORKS
Topic 7: Nuclear ... or Not? NUCLEAR
Ecosystems Around The World
Topic 1: What's Wrong with This Picture? POLES
Topic 2: Banking on Seeds BANKS
Topic 3: The Human Touch PEOPLE
Topic 4: Yogurt to the Rescue! YOGURT
Topic 5: Are Rain Forests Worth Saving? RAINFOREST
Topic 6: Let It Burn! GRASSLANDS
Human Body: Pathways
Topic 1: Sickle Sickness SICKLE
Topic 2: Asthma Attacks BREATHE
Topic 3: Your Chemical Factory LIVER
Topic 4: Summer Sports Safety SAFE