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Grade 5
Topic Review
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Topic 1: The Plant Kingdom
Topic 2: Plant Survival
Topic 3: Making Food
Topic 4: Plants Without Seeds
Topic 5: Plants with Seeds
Topic 6: From Plant to Seed to Plant
Topic 7: Plant Responses
Weather and Climate
Topic 1: Atmosphere and Air Temperature
Topic 2: Water in the Air
Topic 3: Clouds of Water and Ice
Topic 4: Air Pressure and Wind
Topic 5: Air Masses and Fronts
Topic 6: Severe Storms
Topic 7: Climate
The Energy of Sound and Light
Topic 1: Sound and Hearing
Topic 2: High and Low, Loud and Soft
Topic 3: Sounds and Surfaces
Topic 4: Light and Mirrors
Topic 5: Light and Lenses
Topic 6: Colors of Light
Topic 7: Invisible Light
Topic 1: What Matter Is
Topic 2: What Matter Is Made Of
Topic 3: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Topic 4: Mixtures and Solutions
Topic 5: Chemical Changes
Topic 6: Matter and Energy
Earth and Its Resources
Topic 1: Earth and Its Neighbors
Topic 2: Earth's Changing Crust
Topic 3: Minerals of Earth's Crust
Topic 4: Earth's Rocks and Soil
Topic 5: Earth's Atmosphere
Topic 6: Earth's Water Supply
Topic 7: Energy Resources
Ecosystems Around The World
Topic 1: Living Things and Their Environment
Topic 2: Food Chains and Food Webs
Topic 3: Cycles of Life
Topic 4: Surviving in Ecosystems
Topic 5: Places to Live Around the World
Topic 6: How Ecosystems Change
Human Body: Pathways
Topic 1: A Blood System
Topic 2: A Breathing System
Topic 3: A Food System
Topic 4: Fitness