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Space Shuttle
Grade 6
National Geographic Society
Hey Kids, Teachers, and Parents!
Visit these great Internet sites from National Geographic.
Michael Novacek
Dinosaurs and woolly mammoths aren't alive any more. But they left fossils for people to find and study. That's the job of Michael Novacek. He is a paleontologist, which means he studies ancient life. Watch a movie about him or listen to him talk about what he does.
Turtles In Trouble
Sea turtles face dangers on land and in the sea. Learn all about the turtles in trouble at this great Web site.
Virtual Solar System
Are you ready for a trip through the Solar System? Start at the Sun, swing by Mercury and Venus, speed over to Jupiter and Neptune. It's easy when you are online with National Geographic. (NOTE: For the best views of the planets, an adult will need to install Viscape software, available at the site.)