The Big Idea Activity Unit Three


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Unit Three

A Day in the Life

A Young Person's Life in the 1700s

Marbles Young people in colonial America had to work hard from early morning until sunset. There was little time for play. However, young people found a few hours each week when they might have fun.


Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson




This Massachusetts Bay colonist was put on trial for standing up for her beliefs. Find out more about her.

 California Standard 5.4 Students understand the political, religious, social, and economic institutions that evolved in the colonial era.  

 California Standard 5.4.2 Identify the major individuals and groups responsible for the founding of the various colonies and the reasons for their founding (e.g., John Smith, Virginia; Roger Williams, Rhode Island; William Penn, Pennsylvania; [MORE] 


Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin This Founding Father helped to build a new nation. Find out more about the life, writings, and inventions of Benjamin Franklin.

A Day in the Life

Enslaved Girl in the 1700s

Benjamin Franklin Enslaved children learned adult skills by working alongside their parents. Girls helped their mothers in the kitchen. Boys helped their fathers in the fields.

 California Standard 5.4.5 Understand how the British colonial period created the basis for the development of political self-government and a free-market economic system and the differences between the British, Spanish, and French colonial systems. 

 California Standard 5.4.6 Describe the introduction of slavery into America, the responses of slave families to their condition, the ongoing struggle between proponents and opponents of slavery, and the gradual institutionalization of slavery [MORE]