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How does a nation protect its freedom?

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Here are some Web sites that have lists or biographies of right activists in a number of different fights for freedom.

American History, including Slavery, Reconstruction, and Civil Rights

The National Women's Hall of Fame

African Americans in History

History of Labor rights

Activists for social change

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

Additional Links

Text of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Teacher's resource Web site on Frederick Douglass with links to lesson plans, biographies, and additional resources

Gordon Hirabayashi


Additional Links

Longer biography of Gordon Hirabayashi

Curriculum-oriented Web site on detention of Japanese during World War II

A Young Chinese Immigrant's Life Today


Additional Links

Teaching Links on Chinese Immigrants:

Many links to resources, including one section labeled "A Big Bunch of Links"

Extensive information and links for teachers and students on Asian cultures

Links and curriculum materials from the Teacher's Asian Studies Summer Institute

Dolores Huerta


Additional Links

Lesson plans and reference links for Dolores Huerta