Write a Personal Letter

Letters are ways to share messages with people. There many reasons to write a letter.

ELA Standard 2.3 a and b


Before you write a letter, ask yourself these questions:


Letters have a special format. All letters should contain the following:

Some letters may include a post script or "P.S." A post script means "after having written." A "P.S." is a little message you may want to add after you have written the letter. Letters should also include your address and the address of the person you are writing to.

You can look at the letter below to see where all the parts of a letter should be placed. Now, it's your turn to write a letter. Be sure to include a date, salutation, body, closing and signature.

Personal Letter


Read your letter over. You might even show it to a friend or a teacher. You and your friend or teacher should read the letter and decide:

Rewrite your letter so that it meets your purpose and makes your reader feel exactly how you want him or her to feel.

You should also edit your work by checking:

Final Draft

When you are happy with your letter, you can copy it on to a fresh new piece of paper. Be sure to use your best handwriting. It will help your reader understand your message. You might even decorate your letter. Don't forget to send it!