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List of Words for Letter 'C'

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  • canal an inland waterway built by people for transportation or irrigation
  • capital city where government leaders meet
  • capitol a building where governments meet and laws are made
  • checks and balances the system in which the power of each branch of government is balanced by the powers of the other branches
  • circle graph a graph in the shape of a circle that shows the sizes of different parts of a whole; also called a pie graph
  • citizen a person who is born in a country or who has earned the right to become a member of the country by law
  • citizenship the condition of being a citizen
  • city council a legislative branch of city government; a group of representatives that makes a city's laws and decides how it should spend its money.
  • city manager a person hired to run the city's daily business
  • civil rights the rights of all citizens to be treated equally under the law
  • civil war a war between regions or groups within a country
  • Civil War the war between the Union states of the North and the Confederate states of the South from 1861 to 1865
  • clan a group of families who share the same ancestors
  • clan mother the head of a clan among the Iroquois people
  • climate the pattern of weather of a certain place over many years
  • coast the land along a body of water
  • colony a place that is ruled by another country
  • commute to travel a distance each day from one's home to one's workplace
  • Confederacy in the United States, the name adopted by the 11 Southern states during the Civil War
  • congestion overcrowding of cities or highways
  • Congress the legislative branch of the United States government
  • consequence the possible result of a choice or an action
  • conservation the careful use of natural resources
  • constitution a plan of government
  • continent one of Earth's seven great bodies of land - Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America
  • Continental Congress group of colonists who first met in Philadelphia in 1774 to discuss how the colonies should deal with Great Britain
  • convention a formal meeting held for a special purpose
  • council a group of people who meet to talk and make decisions
  • county one of the sections into which a state or country is divided
  • culture a way of life shared by a group of people

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