Unit 1: New York and Its First People

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Big Idea Activity: How do people adapt to where they live?
Make a New York Travel Advertisement

Create a television advertisement about a region of New York. Work in small groups to explain the positive things that will make people want to come here. Make a colorful brochure or poster to help promote the region.

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Need help finding a topic? Explore these ideas for research.... New York Destinations

Activity Suggestion

The American Museum of Natural History has many fun things for kids to do. The Metropolitan Museum of Art does too. These museums are interesting places that visitors to New York might like to see. You might include one of the museums in your advertisement if you want to encourage people to visit New York. Include the museum that you would most like to visit.

More To Explore

The Land of New York

New York’s Regions Use this map to research information about the different regions of New York.

Rivers and Lakes Go on a virtual tour to learn more about the Hudson River.

New York's Seasons Take a look at the many types of colorful leaves that appear in New York during the fall.

Resources of New York Learn how to create a compost pile and help save the environment.

New York State’s Early People

New York’s First People Find out how archaeologists are able to study the past from the remains that these first people have left behind.

Native Americans of New York Go on an internet Web-Quest to learn more about the contributions of Algonquian and Iroquois tribes.

The Iroquois League Read about the Iroquois League to learn more about their detailed history.

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