Unit 1: New York and Its First People

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People who Made a Difference

About 1500s

Deganawida, also known as the Peace Maker, helped make the Great Peace and bring the Iroquois groups together. Find out more about the Great Peace.

About 1500s

Hiawatha, inspired by Deganawida, convinced the Iroquois groups to form the Iroquois League. Learn more about the life of Hiawatha.

About 1500s

Jikonsahseh became known as the “Mother of Nations” for her role in bringing the Iroquois people together. She became the first clan mother of the Iroquois. Find out more about Jikonsahseh and how she became the first person to accept the “Great Peace”.

Mary Adams
About 1920–1999

Mary Adams was a Mohawk artist and basket-maker who kept Iroquois traditions alive by teaching others. Read more about Mary Adams and listen to her talk about basket-making.

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